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I am born on march 12th 1988 . lynwood california. with a 11:00pm birth.

feel free to look up the exact points but i am basically ALL earth in tropical (which is said to be your outside self) and then ALL fire with sidereal (who you are on the inside) i feel as though the two are exact opposites! I would like to know HOW to live with the two???

any concise or general info or comments is welcome. i do LOVE astrology :)


best astrologer

remember she is not like other girls.i may not meet her again (she is not my own sister) .it should be special ,not costly. Indian sister's answers invited


silver rakhi online

I am building raised beds since i do not have the best of soil in the ground where i live. I am planning on using bagged soils and am wondering what kinds of soils i should use, (peat, topsoil, compost, etc).



I am in med school in Australia at the moment and I have always wanted to become a cardio thoracic surgeon but I just looked at the doctors without borders and they didn't list cardio thoracic surgeons in the people that they want. I have wanted to do both since I was really young but it doesn't seem possible.

Blood in stool Houston

Site News & Announcements / What's a good carnival costume?
« on: June 02, 2018, 05:36:34 pm »

ok I need a carnival themed costume im a girl and i want it to be cool but not like stupid like kinda a clown but not the dumb ones with rainbow wigs any ideas or pics?

disfraces carnaval


Identify a specific US Foreign Policy toward a geographic region or a specific country in the world. In addition, examine several sources discussing the global effort against terrorism, commonly known as the "War on Terror." You can obtain specifics about any American foreign policy directly from the State Department' from a wide variety of academic sources.


drone crop mapping in East Anglia

my fiance and I are planning to marry in NOv of this year and we are considering the country of costa rica. Do you guys know of a nice resort where we could get marry at and stay there with our guests? (party of 25) we would like something very tropical, if beach front, excellent but NOT on the actual sand.


Costa Rica yoga retreat

I am sort of paranoid about getting lost. I am a city slicker who hunts in the gigantic Angeles National Forest behind Los Angeles. It has 10,000 foot peaks, bear, mountain lion, deer, and Nelson Big Horn Sheep.

In the hunting season, you can get some nasty weather. I always carry a backpack when I hunt with rain gear, down jacket, long johns, small tent, and sleeping bag food, water, matches, etc. .


standing water in crawl space

Site News & Announcements / A good birthday gift?
« on: May 25, 2018, 05:17:01 pm »
i need a good birthday gift for my friend birthday.please suggest some birthday gifts as soon as possible

birthday gifts for her


what was the name of the laptop featured at tech tv where it has a metal casing and the screen could rotate to make it look like a tablet pc and is very durable and waterproof?

Affordable Stylish Tablet Cases online

Site News & Announcements / How to fix car power window?
« on: May 24, 2018, 05:18:59 pm »
window motor self repair
my car window wont go down or up but the motor makes a noise that its running but the window doesnt move at all. ive tried pulling it up by hand and now its stuck n when i try n push window up the motor runs like if i wus holding the switch


Cheap Windscreen Replacement

Site News & Announcements / Nose pericing at 15?
« on: May 17, 2018, 06:22:53 pm »

im a 15 year old boy and i REALLY REALLY REALLY want my nose periced. but im to scared to ask my parents ( im afried of how they are going to take it. ) and i'll be 16 in july. so is their ANYWAY possible in this lifetime that i can get my nose periced at age 15 , 16 or even 17


Machinery Safety


I don't know if I should be angry about the situation or ignore it completely. It's awkward for sure. :(
I had a close friend of mine stay over. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and she slept in my room. After she left today, I went to use my toy and it was in a different place in my nightstand drawer. My ky was also out of place and was near the toy.

womens sex toys

I need 465sq ft. of carpet and padding, and of course labor will need to be included... Also, I was wondering if someone knew of any trustworthy companies whose work is professional, who is reliable, and honest... if someone who knows carept could help, I would greatly appreciate it... Ball park figures are need min. and max. as I know there are different type/styles of carpet...


Rubbish Collection Lincolnshire

Some of my foreign friends are wondering if they can rent a care when they come to US with their International Driver License. Does any know about this?


Car with driver

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